Lossless experimental (flac, ape, wav)

Nic Endo - Cold Metal Perfection (2001) [FLAC]

Rude Awakening - Fragments Of The Future (2008) [FLAC]

Belladonnakillz - Perverted & Proud (2005) [FLAC]

Thriftworks - Fader (2014) [FLAC]

Aphex Twin - Hangable Auto Bulb (2005) [FLAC]

Thriftworks - Deviation (2013) [FLAC]

DJ Hidden - Enclosed (2013) [FLAC]

BLAERG - Auspices & Vagaries (2008) [FLAC]

Hansel - Lorentzian Lineshaper (2006) [FLAC]

The Stone Pitcher - Hydrophiinae E.P. (2015) [FLAC]

Phemt - Flashback (2013) [FLAC]

Shitmat - Killababylonkutz (2004) [FLAC]

VA - Maya: The Final Prophecy (Triple Release) (2012) [FLAC]

Undacova - Intrusion (2006) [FLAC]

The Stone Pitcher - First Attack E.P. (2012) [FLAC]

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Lossless music download here, only electronic genres, mostly FLAC, but sometimes WAV files for free download. We have real hard and dark genres like Hardcore, Crossbreed, Drum and Bass, Breakcore, Dubstep. Also more soft and dance styles like Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle, Trance and Jumpstyle. Welcome to lossless music world.