VA - Jungle Warfare (1995) [FLAC]


VA - Jungle Warfare

Artist : VA
Album : Jungle Warfare
Year : 1995
Genre : Jungle
Source : 2CD
Label : Moonshine Music
Catalognr : MM 80027-2
Tracks : 19
Playtime : 94:08 min
Size : 559.43 MB
Format : FLAC
Quality : 830 kbps / 44100 Hz / Stereo


1-01. Sound Of The Future - The Lighter [05:03]
1-02. Amazon II - Basslights [03:24]
1-03. Special K - Whats Goin On? [05:22]
1-04. Cool Hand Flex - Melody Madness [04:34]
1-05. Asylum - Da Base II Dark [07:47]
1-06. In Between The Lines - 95 Rampage [04:32]
1-07. DJ Monk - Dance Hall Style [04:46]
1-08. D.R.S. - Everyman (DJ Monk Remix) [05:30]
1-09. Trinity - I Selassie I [04:49]

2-01. Da Dogz - Cool Operator [05:21]
2-02. Trinity - Gangsta [04:50]
2-03. DJ Sparks - X Amount [04:34]
2-04. L Double - Little Rollers - Volume 1 (Remix) [04:22]
2-05. Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh! [05:47]
2-06. MA2 - Hearing Is Believing [05:34]
2-07. DJ SS - Easymen [03:09]
2-08. The Dream Team - Sweetie [03:46]
2-09. Splash - Babylon [05:01]
2-10. DJ SS - Rollidge (Remix Part 3) [05:60]

94:08 min
559.43 MB


92_Sound_#1 - 1 month 2 weeks ago

I remember seeing this CD at Sam Goody store at the mall back in the day. I actually didn't know who Mickey Finn was at the time otherwise I would have bought it. I just finished merging the two mix files in Audacity when I noticed that Trinity "I Selassie I" is off balance to the left channel. Its a shame that whoever was in charge of mastering this CD didn't catch this. I also have the record of Trinity "Gangster / I Selassie I" and it does not have this balance issue (however my vinyl copy of Zinc "Super Sharp Shooter" does). At any rate I did my best to fix it in Audacity (60% to the right, and a slight gain boost) before completing the merge. If your downloading this and are fussy like me, you may want to do this fix as well.

Son of Natas - 1 month 2 weeks ago

92_Sound_#1, would you mind sharing your "fixed" version? Would love to hear how it sounds.

92_Sound - 1 month 2 weeks ago

I really didn't do anything artful or clever. Just as I stated I changed the balance and boosted the level as the volume was low after I shifted the balance. You could easily make the mod with a free copy of Audacity. I didn't save the project file and there is no FLAK output, just 320kbps and 16bit WAV (not sure why I needed WAV, I just want to put it on my ipod as 320kbps). If you still want it I can put it on wetransfer if allowed? I haven't listened to the file on my stereo yet so I don't even know if its going to sound good. I noticed the mix itself had lots of gain issues in between tracks. Back then mixers with VU meters on each channel didn't exist yet so it was real guess work determining how loud each incoming track would be.

Son of Natas - 1 month 1 week ago

the 320 would be fine! Thank you