Anime - Insane

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So, once again we have mp3 releases of Edits/ extendeds. But we of course here need FLAC.
Some say that the physical copy (cd) actually has exntended tracks.

So my request is this album: Anime - Insane, the extended flac one.

I know theres a FLAC release of the edits, and there is a 320kbit release of the extended tracks.

However im in tirested in the Extended Flack release; whether its WEB or CD It don't matter!

Please, help me out here!


I would love to help you my brother. I hope some kind soul will deliver!

Is this really nowhere to be found?? And i mean exclusively the extended flac release. Apparently the cd release has full tracks, but i havent seen groups like SPL release it, like they usually do..

The album's extended version is not CD (as physical media) exclusive and if you didn't notice yet warez scene doesn't release just every CD album ever released as FLAC rip.
So the only alternative left is via request/fat ratio bounty at torrent trackers (like because otherwise there's really no reason for anyone to waste 10+ euro. So if you are one of those "advanced" folks who are not ok with free extended mp3 version or lossless version /w edits from streaming services and yet don't want to spend your money then spend your *time* at least - register at those trackers, build up your ratio and create such request

Thank you, i appreciate your comment. I will try to take such actions to get my hands on this album with extended flac tracks.