MISTiCAL - The Eleventh Hour (2007) [FLAC]


Artist .......: MISTiCAL
Title ........: The Eleventh Hour
Label ........: Soul:R
Catalog .....: SOULR025CD
Release date .: 19 Feb 2007
Source .......: CDDA
Codec ........: FLAC (CL8)
Ripper .......: sumnix
Rip date .....: 11 Aug 2009
Discogs ......: http://www.discogs.com/release/911533
Comment ......: cue+log+cover+sfv

Tracklisting .:

01 The eleventh hour (ft. DRS)(4:08)
02 Mistical soulution (ft. Ras T-Weed) (5:10)
03 Time to fly (6:17)
04 Groove me (6:47)
05 Natasha (3:45)
06 Amen electric (6:01)
07 Stay away (ft. Diane Charlemagne)(6:20)
08 Losing ground (6:18)
09 City life (ft. DRS) (5:23)
10 Secret love (ft. Basil Clarke) (4:54)
11 Add break (1:50)
12 Eject (5:36)
13 Memory jog (7:17)
14 Believe (ft. Robert Owens) (5:37)
15 Natasha outro (1:16)

Overall this is a mixed bag and yet the highlights are so blindingly good that it is worth getting for these alone. Memory Jog is the kind of track that strikes me to the core of why electronic and dance music define my listening taste for the past decade.
Sheer exuberance, delight, intensity and complexity. The drum and bass elements are subtle and intelligent enough to work for a diverse crowd. I felt let down by the stumbling bass and rap that opens this disc but overall this is a class act and I would snap up a new disc.
Check the marcus intalex fabriclive 35 for further intelligent and life-affirming electronica.


Anonymous - 1 year 1 week ago

can you upload the full release with the separate tracks instead of just the mixed version if you can thanks

admin - 1 year 1 week ago

you can split them yourself