Anime - Exterminate (extended)

Theres a digital download release But it's not in Flac.
However I have heard that the CD version actually has the entended versions of the tracks (minus one or two).

So what im requesting here is the extended FLAC of this album by Anime.

I know it exists!


"Heard", lol. There's:
a) TRAXCD084 with edits - both as CD version ( and WEB version from streaming services ( that can be ripped for free;
b) TRAX0159 with extended mixes - only WEB that has to be bought in WEB shops:
... and (ofc) that's exactly what you're trying to get.
Though it's not completely impossible to leech for free, it was shared at once. So maybe someone someday will reupload it.
Also if discogs' contributors didn't bother to dupe MP3 WEB as WAV/FLAC WEB it doesn't mean that lossless WEB doesn't exist

Thanks for the reply.