Altern 8 - Activ 8 (Come With Me) (1991) [FLAC]


Artist...: Altern 8
Album....: Activ 8 (Come With Me)
Type.....: Normal
Genre....: Electronic
Label....: Network Records
Language.: English
Year.....: 1991 Source...: CD Maxi
R.Date...: 06-16-2013 Grabber..: EAC Secure
S.Date...: 00-00-1991 Encoder..: FLAC 1.2.1 Lossless
Quality..: 805 kbps Avg 44.1kHz 2 channels
01 Activ 8 (Come With Me) (Holocaust 7'' Edit) 3:34
02 Activ 8 (Come With Me) (Vix-Vapo Mix) 4:58
03 Move My Body (Hard-Hardcore Mix) 4:56
04 Frequency (Hallucin 8 Mix) 5:29
Total Size.: 4 Files/114.4MB/18:57 min
Altern-8 is an Early UK Rave music duo band featuring Mark Archer and Chris
Peat. They were one of the UK rave bands of the late 1980s and early 1990s
whose trademark was loud electronic tracks with a heavy bass line.
Altern-8's members wore facemasks and chemical warfare suits. The band was
signed to Network Records based in Stratford House, Birmingham, England.
This is the German CDM.


Der Goldene Raver - 8 months 2 weeks ago

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