Astral Waves - Mystique (2008) [FLAC]

Astral Waves - Mystique (2008) [FLAC]

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Astral Waves-Mystique

Artist : Astral Waves
Album : Mystique
Catalognr : SLRCD03
Company : Sunline Recrds
Www :

Genre : Ambient
Style : Downtempo
Date : 2020.07.24
Year : 2008
Quality : 958k/ 44.1kHz / Stereo
Songs : 11
Playtime : 79:54
Size : 547.90 MB
Streetdate : 2020.08.19
Format : FLAC
Type : Album
Source : WEB

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Before reading info below, please have in mind that this info was
written back in 2008. As today, DJ Zen (Astral Waves) is the label
head for Canadian (Quebec) label Altar Records which was founded in

Astral Waves is Dj Zen aka Gabriel D. from Quebec, Canada.
Originally from France he moved to north America in 1996 with a full
CD bag.

He was determined to meet party people from there to spin the music
for which his heart beaten so hard: Goa trance.

Shortly after meeting organizers in Quebec, he spinned in after hours,
clubs and raves all around the place.

He was also making backdrops to decorate places, hand painted t-shirts
and always had a kiosk to sell a bunch of CDs.

After having spinning for 4 years and organizing Natura wonderful
parties with his brother, he settled up his first music studio in 1999
using Reason 1.0 and Acid 3 to make some remixes from some well known
bands like Juno Reactor.

Retired from Montreal for 3 years, he went to Costa-Rica to play music
and paint backdrops with Transelastica collective.

Then he got a kid and had time to set up Sunline Records and Digitalys
Studios to start to make music and artwork for illustrating CD covers
for Sunline Records and also for Kagdila, Suntrip, Peak and Avigmatic

In 2005 he was working on his first album entitled Mystique,
learning techniques and tips from great artists such as Astrix and
Nuclear Ramjet.

In 2006-2007 he played a few live acts at festivals with congas
(percussion) and vocalist Ina layed her nice voice in the background.

In 2008 Mystique album saw the light of day.

In 2009 he created Altar Records and works officially since 2010 as
label manager.

In 2011 he released his second album Magique:

In 2015 he released his third album Magnetique:

The plans for the future are including a new album entitled Genesis
and Angelique for 2018 and a part II to follow In Dub, a psy-dub
album released under the Dj Zen acronym.

Astral Waves biography:

Second album entitled Magique:

Third album entitled Magnetique:

Fourth album Genesis:

Artwork, music and mastering by Dj Zen aka Astral Waves, Canada.

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01.Astral Waves-Dreaming [08:18]
02.Astral Waves-Salome [08:12]
03.Astral Waves-Rhythm Of The Stars [05:29]
04.Astral Waves-Half Way To Heaven [04:36]
05.Eastern Spirit-Falling Stars (Astral Waves Remix) [07:24]
06.Astral Waves-Karaal [07:18]
07.Astral Waves-Welcome To The Other Worlds [06:46]
08.Astral Waves-Riding The Light [07:19]
09.Astral Waves-Stellaragen [06:49]
10.Synsun-Meta Dream (Astral Waves Remix) [08:30]
11.Astral Waves-Flying Into The Mystique [09:13]

79:54 min
547.90 MB

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