Animosity & Drumcorps - Altered Beast (2008) [FLAC]

Animosity & Drumcorps - Altered Beast (2008) [FLAC]
We went a little crazy for Aaron Spectre's Drumcorps project, a crazed manic electronic workout featuring live metal guitars and chopped to bits metal and grindcore, all mashed up into some incredibly head spinning, neck snapping, dancefloor destroying moshpit annihilating heaviness
1 Thin Retro God
2 A Profit On Greediness
3 Mobs Over, Rob Me

Absolutley stunning remix release from Drumcorps. The 3 tracks included aren't as technical / mental as his previous tracks, thats not to say that they're easy on the ears though as they hit hard and do the the job brilliantly.
Then there's the press itself and the artwork, very pleasing on the eye. I personally have never come across a vinyl press like it.
A true one off and a must for any Drumcorps or Grindcore fans collection.