Bomb20 - Flip Burgers Or Die!!!!! (1998) [FLAC]

Bomb20 - Flip Burgers Or Die!!!!! (1998) [FLAC]

Artist: Bomb 20
Album: Flip Burgers Or Die!!!!!
Label: DHR
Genre: Electronic
Source: CDDA
Encoder: FLAC 1.2.1
Grabber: EAC 3.99pb4
Quality: -V -8/LOSSLESS
Ripper: stimpi
Retail.Date.: 05-18-1998
Rip.Date: 11-11-2009
Tracks: 05
Time: 19:24 min
Size: 144 MB
No. Time Title
01. 05:25 Made Of Shit
02. 03:28 You Killed Me First (Gina-Mix)
03. 03:08 Branded
04. 03:57 Over The Top
05. 03:26 Innocent Bystanders


admin - 11 years 2 months ago

It's definately BOMB 20's most powerful, well-produced, and solid work.
My favorite track is "Branded" by far, it's Bomb 20's absolute peak. it's messy, mid-tempo, hard hard hard breakcore with totally destroyed hip hop screaming samples that just build and build until he pulls the floor out from under you as the sample of Alec Empire screaming "DIGITAL HARDCOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEE!!!" stretches to it's limit and you fall into an even more fucked-up barrage of beats and samples. I remember the first time me and my friend heard it.. we just looked at eachother with our jaws on the floor.
It's not breakcore for dancing, it's breakcore for just annihilating people with your fists.