The Chemical Brothers - Believe (2005) [FLAC]


Artist : The Chemical Brothers
Album : Believe
Year : 2005
Genre : Big Beat, Experimental, Tech House
Source : CD
Label : Freestyle Dust
Catalognr : CHEMSDX22
Tracks : 3
Playtime : 18:15 min
Size : 116.09 MB
Format : FLAC
Quality : 890 kbps / 44100 Hz / Stereo
01. The Chemical Brothers - Believe (Extended Version) [06:23]
02. The Chemical Brothers - Spring [05:28]
03. The Chemical Brothers - Believe (Erol Alkans Feel Me Re-W
ork) [06:25]
18:15 min
116.09 MB

To me, the worst Chemical Brothers single ever produced. The production is so minimal it must have taken them only a few minutes to record and mix the song. It's a shame considering that a lot more could have been achieved with those powerful vocals.

The radio edit is OK but the album / extended version is way too long not to get bored to death when listening to it. When you finally think the song is going to end, it's only a false ending and it stars all over again, going on and on with that annoying riff. The Erol Alkan mix has even managed to turn the song into something worse.
Unbelievable. This song is for live purpose. On the record the magic doesn't happen. Some people have argued that "The Salmon Dance" might actually be the worst CB single. That one cannot be played live for sure. But it is far more enjoyable than "Believe" when you play it at home.