DJ Gizmo - The History Of Hardcore - The Dreamteam Edition 03 (2004) [IMG]

The DJ who has the honor to mix the third ‘History of Hardcore’ compilation started his own drive-in disco at the age of twelve together with a couple of friends from his hometown The Hague.
He mostly played at schoolparty’s before his first residence at Club 71 in 1986, though it was in 1988 before he experienced his first introduction with Housemusic.
In 1991 he became one of the residents in the legendary club ‘Parkzicht’ in Rotterdam besides the Hardcore originators Paul Elstak and DJ Rob. After headlining the ‘Rave the City’ events he soon played clubs and parties all over Holland where he met The Prophet, DJ Dano and Buzz Fuzz.
Because the four DJ’s completed eachother with their musical styles, they soon decided to start their own DJ-collective: the Dreamteam.
In 1995 Gizmo won the award for best international DJ in Switzerland next to DJ’s like Carl Cox and Sven Väth.


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