The DJ Producer - Doomsday Mechaniks (2004) [FLAC]

01 Doomsday Mechaniks
02 That Guitar Track
03 Zero Tolerance
04 History Lesson
05 Suffering
06 The Biggest Rave On Earth
07 Pestilance Eterna
08 The Devil Made Me Do It
09 The Pain Threshold
10 Neglected Intellect
11 4 Minute Intergalactic DJ Battle


Anonymous - 12 years 7 months ago

Thanks! :)
Doomsday Mechaniks is a very good song. \m/

admin - 14 years 8 months ago

The DJ Producer, mainly known by his ripping speedcore/breakcore sets together with Hellfish, delivers a very diverse album. It ranges from industrial hardcore to breakcore/speedcore to more ambient and acid breakbeat tracks. Allthough I am not a big fan of speedcore, the tracks on this cd still sound very well composed and blend in wel with the other tracks.
The opening track 'Doomsday mechanics' is a real floor-filler with broken up basslines, 'That Guitar Track' features lots of distortion, while 'Zero Tolerance' is a breakbeat-acid track, just to pick out a few. 'The biggest rave on earth' sounds like the track The Prodigy could have made if they had stayed in the hardcore scene.
Great album!