Human Resource - The Complete Dominator (1991) [FLAC]


Artist: Human Resource
Album: The Complete Dominator
Year: 1991
Genre : Techno, Hardcore
Source : CDDA
Label : R & S Records UK
Catalognr : RSUK 4 XCD
Tracks : 05
Playtime : 24:25 min
Size : 163,45 MB
Quality : 934kbps
Date : 12.28.2012
Supplier : n/a
Url :
[ Tracklist ]
01.Dominator (Beltram Mix) [04:36]
02.Dominator (Frank De Wulf #1 Mix) [04:44]
03.Dominator (Frank De Wulf #2 Mix) [04:43]
04.Dominator (Mental Speed Mix By Cee Jay Bolland) [05:24]
05.Dominator (Original Mix) [04:58]
24:25 min
163,45 MB

This hit the UK charts in December 1991 after HR's Original Dominator release only reached 36 on its first run. This managed to reach spot 18 with the assistance of remixes by Beltram, Bolland & De Wulf. Had it not been competing with Xmas releases it would have shot up the chart I believe. It was the first "Hardcore Dutch Rave Anthem" to go officially make it commercially.


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