Lennie De Ice - We Are I.E. (1999) [FLAC]

Lennie De Ice - We Are I.E. (1999) [FLAC]

Artist : Lennie De Ice
Album : We Are I.E.
Year : 1999
Genre : Breakbeat, Hardcore
Source : Vinyl
Label : Distinct'ive Records
Catalognr : DP 50/3
Tracks : 03
Playtime : 24:15 min
Size : 173,46 MB
Quality : 1000kbps/ 44,1kHz / Stereo
Supplier : slsk
Url : http://www.discogs.com/release/62000
[ Tracklist ]
01. We Are I.E. (Hybrid's Pumping Mix) [08:12]
02. We Are I.E. (Hybrid's Lite Mix) [07:21]
03. We Are I.E. (Hybrid's Dark Mix) [08:42]
24:15 min
173,46 MB


Anonymous - 6 years 4 weeks ago

i like it :) like vinyls but this vinyl is a bit "clicky"(surface noise) thanks anyway...

Jay #BRF - 9 months 3 days ago

I'm sure that's my record and you've got tagged the Pumping Mix as the Dark Mix. Also I understand that everyone has their own preferences on how the files should look and for that sake we renamed our new downloads, but it would be nice that you at least kept the supplier/ripper and give some credit to the person who spent the time ripping records. Congrats for the wqeb though, loads fo classics in just one place.

admin - 9 months 3 days ago

It was downloaded a long ago, so I'm not sure it was downloaded from you. Your share was/is private and thus I couldn't download this release. Usually, people prefer anonymity.