LFO - Frequencies (1991) [FLAC]

LFO - Frequencies (1991) [FLAC]

chemist LFO
description.. Frequencies
source CD
effect Electronic
label Rough Trade / Warp
catalog.no RTD 126.1228.2 / WARP CD3
year 1991
release.date. 2011-11-11
drug.plateu.. 54:39
drug.solution 308.66mb per ml
bulk.size 14 injections
1 Intro 2:24
2 LFO 3:26
3 Simon from Sydney 5:05
4 Nurture 4:40
5 Freeze 3:56
6 We Are Back 4:47
7 Tan Ta Ra 4:29
8 You Have to Understand 4:04
9 El Ef Oh! 3:49
10 Love is the Message 3:45
11 Mentok 1 4:17
12 Think a Moment 3:30
13 Groovy Distortion 3:29
14 Track 14 2:58


admin - 9 years 2 months ago

To me "Frequencies" is one of the most genius electronic album ever made.
I think there is not enough words to say how this work is timeless, very hard to surpass.
The perfect synthesis of electro, house, acid, and techno, everything far ahead of it's time.
It starts with an acid house's pionneers tribute and it ends up with a mysterious dark ambient ballad. Moody and effective tunes, downtempo or uptempo everything is smartly packed here.
The sound research is also very important, (huge modular synths and analogical materials) no cliché.
If you listen this album at one stretch you would only realise that Bell and Varley have been touched by God's blessings.
A Masterpiece!

Anonymous - 9 years 1 month ago

Mark Bell R.I.P.