Mystification - The Oddments Of Delirium (2015) [FLAC]


Label: LTD
Catalog number: NOISJLTD​-​43
Country: Netherlands
Released: August 27, 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hardcore, Drum'n'Bass, Industiral
Source: Bandcamp
Format: FLAC
Bitrate: 939 kbps (Average)/44.1 kHz/16 bit/Stereo

01 - Delirium (2:12)
02 - The Melancholy House (4:44)
03 - Halálra Hagyva (Hungarian Version) (5:50)
04 - Context Dependent (5:52)
05 - Amputated Spirit (5:34)
06 - Eradicated (5:28)
07 - Nothing Else Could Ever Love Me (5:28)
08 - Break It Down (6:43)
09 - You Will Atone (6:02)
10 - Contaminated Soul (6:20)
11 - Halálra Hagyva (English Version) (5:50)
12 - The Wisdom Of Uncertainty (6:20)


A good hour of eclectic darkness, ranging from gothic themes (and sounds) over more subtle techno beats and novelty tracks making use of acoustic instruments, vocals or even guitars, this is surely not for the purists, but definitely rewarding listening for the open-minded and those who seek delirium!

Those who are into crossbreed with a technoid touch will not see much need to be introduced to Norbert Szakacs aka Mystification from Hungary. For LTD he has produced an album almost completely devoid of broken beats, but with a strong storyline bracketing the exploration of various styles: The album starts with the couplet “Delirium” and “Melancholy House”, using a recitation of the Edgar Allan Poe gothic classic “House Of Usher” and a combination of beats and melody that will set Industrial dance floors on fire – as well as the two versions of the vocal track “Halálra Hagyva”. “The Oddments of Delirium” somehow sticks with the gothic theme, yet refuses to remain within the confines of one style, using harsh guitar samples (“Amputated Spirit”) as well as the dubstep wobble (“You will Atone”), emotional contemplation (“Nothing Else Could Ever Love Me”) as well as sheer aggression (“The Wisdom Of Uncertainty”). Repeated exposure is recommended to acquire the taste for this off-the-wall delicacy.


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