The Prophet - The History Of Hardcore - The Dreamteam Edition 04 (2004) [IMG]

The fourth release in the ‘History of Hardcore - the dreamteam editions’ is mixed by The Prophet who was the originator of the Dreamteam.
He started his career as a Hip Hop deejay in a small club called Aknathon in Amsterdam. Once he was caught by the House-virus he soon headlined some of the first raves like ‘Let the Prophet Rise’ at the legendary ‘Jan van Galenhal’ and therefore he inspired a lot of other DJ’s at that time.
The Prophet was known for his melodic Hardcore-sound and as the producer behind the famous act The Masochist. Nowadays he’s one of the leading Hardstyle DJ’s worldwide and owner/manager of the Scantraxx Recordz label.
If every record tells a story, this is the history of one of the most legendary DJ’s on Dutch ground; The Prophet…