Puzahki - Smoking When Pregnant (2003) [FLAC]

Puzahki - Smoking When Pregnant (2003) [FLAC]

01 Kiss Of Death
02 Anime Squash Court
03 Swiss Jazz
04 Suffocating Matt Pt 2
05 Your Gums Are Bleedin' Guv
06 Just, The US
07 I' Ve Seen Enough
08 Left Farquen Ta
09 My Daddy Duex
10 45 Gallon Syringe
11 Your Mothers Underwear
12 The Embodiment Of 21st Century Hip Hop


admin - 14 years 4 months ago

Most of the underground breakcore artists seem to have a misconception about the genre.
Apparently these artists believe that, when the "speed" of a song (represented by the unit "bpm" [beats per minute]) exceeds the limit the listeners can tolerate and when the beats, the riffs, the drums, the bass and all sort of samples used in a song are mixed to make a very perplexing and harsh jumble of sounds, they get the "breakcore".
It can not be that easy to compose a multilayered, sophisticated, yet a neat piece of breakcore music.
And Puzahki's album "Smoking When Pregnant" is a perfect example to see how difficult it is to reach such a level of perfection in this genre: There is only hardcore, there is only noise, there is only chaos; the drums are brutal and that's all the listener has.
Puzahki does not bother to "arrange" these in a meaningful way. He only stirs them up and pretends that he is a "breakcore" artist.
I could listen to this album only once or twice and in every trial, I understood what makes Venetian Snares a highly acclaimed international artist on the breakcore scene and why the others should better left unknown.