Ruby My Dear - Basic (2017) [FLAC]


Artist : Ruby My Dear
Album : Basic
Year : 2017
Genre : Breakcore
Label : Love Love
Source : WEB
Format : FLAC 16bit
Quality : 971kbps / 44.1kHz / Stereo
Size : 104.75 MB

Released : 07.08.2017
Supplier : CB

1. Ruby My Dear - Windowz8 04:19
2. Ruby My Dear - Sore 03:26
3. Ruby My Dear - Uvula 03:53
4. Ruby My Dear - Donald 03:27

About: Julien Chastagnol returns to Love Love on tip top form with a 12 containing some of his most acute acid material to date - a concise
collection of 4 tracks that convey Ruby My Dears most high-octane dimension. Each track displays a complex manipulation of its fundamental
elements utilising sharp shocks, whirlwind processing and the occasional moment of respite; all racing along at a breakneck pace. A glorious full frequency assault.

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