Thriftworks - Rainmaker (2012) [FLAC]

Thriftworks - Rainmaker (2012) [FLAC]

Artist: Thriftworks
Title Of Album: Rainmaker
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Thriftworks
Genre: Electronic, IDM, Dubstep, Glitch, Downtempo
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 56:22 min
Total Size: 354 MB
01. In Tongue 02:44
02. Swamp Gods 05:04
03. Tlālōc 04:59
04. Pillow in the Woods 04:00
05. Your All 04:44
06. As the Crow Flies 02:48
07. Blazer Tag 05:40
08. Trotter 04:06
09. Greenie Beanies 04:02
10. Minions 04:36
11. Teach me how to Camelot 04:08
12. Crack Cakes (Moglii Collab) 02:54
13. Girls with Paperclips 03:01
14. Out Tongue 03:36


admin - 6 years 3 months ago

It’s a very relaxed record and apart from probably being pretty good when coming down off all those drugs I never indulge in it makes a pleasant background for sitting around relaxing or doing something that requires concentration. Nothing really gets repeated over and over to the extent it annoys the fuck out of me like most of this sort of mash of sounds.
It’s different from most ambient electronica I’ve heard because of the high level of detail and in that way it’s a bit of a paradox. It feels thoughtfully and skilfully made and unlike billions of other dubstep records clearly has longevity.

124875 - 6 years 3 months ago

You made me pretty curious.. downloading :D