VA - Mayday - The Sonic Empire Compilation (1997) [FLAC]


artist VA
title Mayday The Sonic Empire
source CDDA > Compilation
style Techno, Rave, Breakbeat
label Low Spirit Recordings 74321 47529 2
year 1997
time 144:37 min
space 869.76mb
orbits 24
encoder FLAC 1.21a
quality 842kbps /44.1kHz/Stereo

01 Members Of Mayday-Sonic Empire 03:58
02 Exis Of Earth-The Steps Of A 06:30
Righteous Man
03 DJ Hell-Diese Momente Werden Nicht 06:12
Verloren Sein - Wie Traenen Im Regen
04 Ravers Nature-Take It Higher 06:02
05 Westbam-Hanging Out With The Machine 06:02
06 Petra-Belgian Happiness 05:23
07 RMB-Everything (The Rise Version) 04:37
08 Afrika Islam-Wake Up 03:53
09 The Jeyenne-Gumpie 06:42
10 Miss Djax-X-Tank 07:55
11 Takkyu Ishino-Butter Beans 06:54
12 Marshall Jefferson-Rise 06:27
01 Punk Anderson-Discodancer 06:20
02 Dani Koenig-Bobby Ewing 05:12
03 DJ Assault-Get Down 04:02
04 View To The Future-Die Aussagekraft 07:30
Der Elektronischen Musik
05 Bassface Sascha-Echo Chamber 06:14
06 Ultrahigh-Donkey Island 04:04
07 Aux 88-The Rise Of The Phoenix 06:01
08 The Moonmen-Walter (The Moonmen Mix) 09:46
09 DJ Sebel-From Da Darkside 06:41
10 A.D.S.R.-Simplexity 05:27
11 DJ Appollo-Da Bizzniz 06:30
12 Piet Blank-Sunrise 06:15


admin - 3 years 4 months ago

It isn't rave compilation but contains some rave tracks. I find it well balanced with diverse selection.

"Dark side" is dominant but also "bright side" come here and there (Walter by The Moonman, Sunrise by Piet Blank).

Still the highlights are heavy, evil-drum-driven tracks like "Hanging out with the Machine Heads", "Get Down", "Echo Chamber", and totally crazy "Da Bizzniz" (the two last ones scared me and my sister when we were shitheads!). "Die Aussagekraft Der Elektronischen Musik" reminds me a luminescent wireframe of spaceship rotating in infinite darkness, this is almost 10 minutes of music of shapes, even music of crystals.

The Sonic Empire Compilation is solid electronic album, perfect for imaginary and 3D work.

Notorious KKK - 11 months 1 week ago

Fuck yeah Moon man is the best