VA - Turn Up The Bass - The Ultimate Dream Mix Volume 3 (1995) [FLAC]


Actually this ain't be the music genre which you'll normally encounter on, however I think several people will appreciate this upload, because it's from the early nineties dutch house compilation series "Turn Up The Bass" ( )

In 1993 "Turn Up The Bass" introduced the first volume of the "The Ultimate Dream Mix" series to make lovers of house music known with ambient, which became more and more popular. Volume 1 and 2 are produced by Ad de Feijter, Edward Smidt and Pieter Nooten. They contain edited versions of famous soundtracks, synthesizer themes and chill-out music but also include own compositions by Edward Smidt and Mariska Voskamp. Ed Starink is involved during the production of Volume 1. Volume 3 differs from the first two because it's more like a compilation album by miscellaneous artists.

"Dreamworld - A Trance Trip To Paradise" ain't be from "Turn Up The Bass", however because of it's style several people considered this to be like an unofficial 4th volume of the Ultimate Dream Mix series.


TCM - Inside Your Soul
TFX - Bedtime Story
D.I.D. - A Cure to Recover
Satellite X - Aqua Rituals
Plato - Nuclear Storm
Satellite X - Ethereal Mysteries
Sqvid - Emprisoning Sound on a Piece of Wax
Sleepless - Rewind the Gunshot
Trans4m - Al-Aksa
Suzy's Dream - Come Go with Me
Satellite X - Etnic Rituals
Daydream - Daydream
Sleepless - Rhythm of Life
EnDavidual - DNA
Satellite X - Xanax
Phoney Fables - Magic Marbles
Kayoo - Ghetto Dub
Peter Vriends - Erogenous Zone
Satellite X - Tiny Waves
Olav Basoski - Energy & Consciousness
White Circle - The Journey


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