Vsnares - 2370894 (2002) [FLAC]


source CDDA > Album
genre Electronic
style IDM, Drum n Bass, Breakcore
label Planet Mu
catalog.no ZIQ057CD
year 2002
encoder FLAC 1.21a
quality 809/44,kkHz/Stereo
mo'nfo www.discogs.com/release/34201

01 Underground Circus Jesus 03:48
02 Ornamental Grape Bone 03:55
03 Happy Morning Condom Factory 03:29
04 Twisting Ligneous 09:57
05 Fuck Toronto Jungle 05:11
06 We Are Cesspools 03:12
07 Sybian Rock 00:50
08 Nobody Really Understands Anybody 04:21
09 Stamina Feat. Cex (Instrumental) 03:02
10 2 Dollars 04:41
11 British Idm Preset Fanfare 03:54
(The Hawaiian Hockey Song)


admin - 5 years 12 months ago
With such a prolific output, sometimes Venetian Snares has quality control issues, and 2370894, unfortunately, shows some of those issues.

Though the mellow start of "Underground Circus Jesus" gives way to a death rave, while "Happy Morning Condom Factory" stays relatively subdued.

But it's the longer "Twisting Ligneous" just seems to go on too long with too little direction, despite the dub breakdown halfway through, and "Fuck Toronto Jungle" doesn't offer anything new.

The chaos jazz of "We Are Cesspools" leans too much on the chaos side, as does the thankfully short thrash rock of "Sybian Rock." A heartfelt Morrissey sample floats through "Nobody Really Understands Anybody," adding a sense of melancholy, while the strings of "Stamina" add a sort of grandeur to the hip-hop beats.

So, a mixed bag with this album.