Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo ‎– Party (maxi release) - not the single release already uploaded

Happy Hardcore


the trance mix is the remix

Cheers :-)

The trance mix is not the same as the video uploaded on discogs for the remix - although the length of the track is about the same, the speed of the track is different?

Cheers anyway.

then it's been speeded up on youtube not the actual release

the video on discogs is the video mix not the remix

requested album, cd rip, not Deezer rip,

only gonna be the same thing apart from the album version

The version I'm after is the Frank-E and Mars-L remix, hence the request for the CD rip. This version on youtube (also on the discogs release page) is about 181 bpm and about 5:12 long, so doesn't appear to be sped up based on the length of the trance mix? I ripped it from youtube to check myself before actually requesting, as I believed it was the same as the trance mix, but the trance mix is only 140 bpm and as above, the same sort of length.

Thanks for everyone's help :-)