Outtallectuals (Label)



Found In Translation Vol.1 (Outtallectuals Remixed)

Lo.Renzo ft. Nico & Asha - Rajasthan In Dub EP [OUTTA044]

Byzantine Time Machine - Trapped in the Sultan's Palace [OUTTA043]

Haquin - Rêver EP [OUTTA042]

The Creature - Elements [OUTTA041]

Poztman - Komorebi EP [OUTTA040]

Warpball [OUTTA039]

Chimera - Anno 3024 [OUTTA038]

LM3ALLEM - Zaman [OUTTA037]

Piksel x Asthmatic Harp - State of Mind [OUTTA036]

Mettakin - Ülgen [OUTTA035]

Maynix - A Koala Was Sitting On A Tree Smoking Trees [OUTTA034]

Haquin - Vrddhi [OUTTA033]

Cultivation & The Himalions - Plains, Hills & Mountains [OUTTA032]

Haquin - Tribe [OUTTA031]

High Dude & Lck - From the Darkness [OUTTA030]

Byzantine Time Machine - Kashmiri Mind Meld [OUTTA029]

Phewa Dawn [OUTTA028]

Bell's Worth - Sophomore Storytime EP [OUTTA027]

SIKADA - Smoke & Mirrors EP [OUTTA026]

Mettakin - Swamp Tactics [OUTTA025]


Posterkidd - Mountain Blue [OUTTA023]

Phibber & Ac-Tone - Invariant EP [OUTTA022]

Byzantine Time Machine - Adventure In Istanbul + Remixes [OUTTA021]

High Dude - A Seed [OUTTA020]

Kermode - My Beloved Bird of Paradise [OUTTA019]

Re:Set - [Emotional Distortion] [OUTTA018]

Ac-tone - Waterwalls EP [OUTTA017]

Deep Sea Creatures [OUTTA016]

Mettakin x Cultivation x Baxtak - Middle Way [OUTTA015]

Barren Noise - Apophis [OUTTA014]

Bell's Worth - Frabjous Day [OUTTA013]

Barren Noise - Time Streches [OUTTA012]

High Dude - A Purpose [OUTTA011]

Dhawa Sunrise [OUTTA010]

Aversive - I'm Trying to Tell You [OUTTA009]

Sawtooth - Salem [OUTTA008]

Geotropism [OUTTA007]

Iriegation - Cultivation [OUTTA006]

Coffee Pong - The Creature [OUTTA005]

Equinox [OUTTA004]

Baxtak - Isis: Ception of the Humanoid [OUTTA003]

Dub Bred - Eyeniverse [OUTTA002]

Mettakin - Vodun [OUTTA001]

If you could just upload a couple of these releases, it would be very nice.
Some releases are free downloads on bandcamp, just exclude them.
Thank you :)


Not a single EP? :(