How to convert flac to apple lossless?

A lot of people collection music in most popular lossless format FLAC. But sometimes they need to convert FLAC to Apple lossless format (ALAC). Why? Usually because of buying Apple's production like Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. And FLAC is incompatible with Mac, iTunes, iPhone, iPod, iMovie, QuickTime, etc, but ALAC is. Also iTunes lacks ability to import/play FLAC files.

They start to search utilities that can do it quick and easy. And there are a lot of them mainly commercial products with nice and attractive description and not so good results.

FLAC and ALAC formats are both lossless and will sound identical. Even FLAC has advantage than ALAC since FLAC is open source while ALAC is powered by Apple. Meanwhile, converting FLAC to ALAC will keep the 100% original quality. That's why more and more Apple users choose to convert FLAC to ALAC.

iTunes does support Apple Lossless (a.k.a. ALAC), Appleā€™s own open source lossless audio codec. But how can you get files already in the FLAC format converted to ALAC so they can be added to an iTunes library. Thankfully, using foobar2000 and the refalac encoder you can do exactly that.

Why you should use refalac? A lot of reasons:
- it's free and based on ALAC source code
- it's much faster
- no need to use QuickTime and iTunes libraries
- single-phase convert (no double converting to WAV and then to ALAC as before)
- no need to install additional software (virtual CD, etc)
- foobar+refalac can be portable, just insert your flash drive in any PC around
- copy tags from original FLAC files, you don't need to re-tag your music
- you can use not only foobar2000, but also CUETools, CUERipper, XRecode II, Exact Audio Copy, etc to convert your files

To use refalac and foobar2000 you need:
- the latest foobar2000 with the converter component installed
- the latest version of QAAC (today it's which includes refalac, available here
- extract to the folder with foobar2000 encoders
- in foobar2000 in Encoder Settings add new preset and set following:
Encoder: refalac.exe or refalac64.exe (point path to file)
Extension: m4a
Parameters: --ignorelength - -o %d
Format is: lossless (or hybrid)
Highest BPS mode supported: 24

convert flac to apple lossless